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January 29, 2010

Alexei Shulgin – the Man, the Myth , the Mystery

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Alexei Shulgin is probably most well-known for his ongoing so called “386DX” performances, in which he manipulates an antiquated computer with Microsoft Windows version 3.1 and an Intel 386 processor to perform MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) renditions of popular music hits while a synthesized text-to-speech voice “sings” the lyrics. Shulgin describes his project, which he began in 1998, of electronic covers as “the world’s first cyberpunk rock band.”

In 1997, he released his first interactive work, Form Art, in which only minimum factors are programmed in the form of HTML. Shulgin describes this page as a “formalistic” aesthetical art site”. Navigating this site requires aimless click-throughs of blank boxes and links, which lead the viewer through countless pages of “form art” animations made up of Shulgin’s boxes. Some of the more interesting discoveries on the page include a “Gomputer Game”, which allows the viewer to make arbitrary decisions upon which link to cick- sometimes leading to the next round, other times often merely ending up at the “you lose” page.

His website: showcases some of his other works as well as (mostly) dead links to to other net based art.


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